About Angela Jayne Latham

To contact Angela please e-mail direct to : info@celticmystery.co.uk

I have always been interested in and drawn towards the mystical and the magical.
From an early age I was interested in ancient landscapes, ruined castles and the stories and folklore attached to them. I cannot remember a time when I wasen't intensly aware of the natural world around me, the energy of living things and the magic of the stars.

I had an idylic childhood in the 70's full of Huckleberry Finn type adventures and being outside in the elements no matter what the weather or season. I spent a lot of time in the countryside with my parents and my father taught me about wild flowers and herbs and took me out at night in the woods to watch bats and owls. I believe that being in the elements like this began my love affair of the natural world around me and the beauty of the changing seasons. Many of my early experiences and dreams led me to create the images I am producing today....the magic of nature, the changing seasons, the continual cycle of birth, growth, death and renewal, the myths and the customs which accompany them.

At the age of 32 I left Worcestershire to live on a remote Island on the West coast of Scotland (The Isle of Mull). Here I was able to re-evaluate my life and get back to my creative roots. I began to teach myself Photography and Photoshop, making lots of mistakes along the way, but gradually building up my skills and equipment. Work on the Island was low paid and seasonal so during the Winter months I would have plenty of time to learn how to use the digital darkroom and experiment with my artwork . The breathtaking majesty of the Scottish Highlands & Islands were a huge creative influence and source of inspiration for both my landscape work and also my artistic creations.
The age of digital photography and digital software opened up a whole new way of expressing myself , giving me the tools to be able to reflect how I percieve the world around me. The photographs I take are a record of what the camera saw , but the artwork I make from my photographs is often how I perceived the landscape in my imagination.

Photographing along the old Drover's track in Glencoe - Highlands of Scotland

I currently live back in the Midlands with my Scottish Husband and fellow photographer Dougie Latham. We enjoy spending as much time as possible travelling around Britain in our battered old VW T4 camper and capturing the changing light and mood of the wild and Celtic corners of Britain.

I try to capture the magic and mystery of the landscape in my work, I wish to peel back the layers of the modern world and expose a deeper, older energy. In my photography I rarely desire to capture as scene in historical detail but rather express a vision of the landscape,shaped by my own feelings and emotions. I am an image maker rather than a landscape photographer.

Great Britain is a truly enchanted Isle - from the majestic , rugged mountains of Scotland to the stone circles and hidden wells of deepest Cornwall. It is in my heart and soul.

Holy Well near Sancreed , Penwith, Cornwall

Influences on my work include:

MUSIC:Loreena McKennitt, Omnia, Carolyn Hillyer and Nigel Shaw, Damh the Bard, various English ,Scottish and Irish Folk Music.
FILMS & TV: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Secret Garden, Stardust, Highlander, Outlander, Vikings , Excalibur, Lady in the water ,Rob Roy, Brave
ARTISTS : The Pre-Raphalites , especially John Waterhouse.
LOCATIONS: The Highlands and Islands of Scotland, South West Cornwall, North Wales, The Malvern Hills , Devon & Dartmoor

Location hunting Ice cream stop overlooking Snowdon , North Wales.

A special thank you to everyone near and far who has encouraged me over the years and helped me on my creative path. Thank you to my Mom for letting me believe in Fairies and secret gardens and to my Dad for teaching me the beauty of the hedgerow and woodlands.