St.Nectan's Nieve 2

St.Nectan's Nieve 2 - Holy Wells and Sacred Springs

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St.Nectan's Nieve 3

Also in: Holy Wells and Sacred Springs

Path to St.Neot's Well, Cornwall
St Neot's Well, Cornwall
St. Neot's Well Cup 1
St. Neot's Well , Cornwall 2
St.Neot's Well Cup 2
Sign post to St.Clether's Well
Entance to St.Clether's Holy Well
St.Clether's Holy Well Chapel
St.Clether's Well water
St.Clether's Well 2
St.Clether's Chapel Interior
Entering St.Clether's Chapel
St.Clether's Well House
St.Nactan's Nieve
St.Nectan's Nieve 3